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The Confidence of a Champ

The Confidence of a Champ

Confidence. A word we here over and over as men. The one thing that women say they look for in a Man and the one thing that can get lost in a high pressure situation. They say you either have it or you don’t. We believe that you always have it but doubt is also something you have which can take over your levels of confidence.

Confidence is quality that can be learned to be a part of your character regardless of any situation. Probably the best example of this is Connor McGregor, the UFC Featherweight Champion, who recently lost a massive upset bout against Nate Diaz.

Prior to this fight McGregor’s confidence was unshakable. From his interviews, to the press conferences to his training footage, you see a man so focused and so sure of himself that you can only compare him to Ali with his verbal slickness and his mastery in the Octagon. The way he talks about confidence in his game, you know how completely sure he is of his ability.

It’s rare for any athlete in any sport to be as good in the ring as they are out of it. He’s an all around great. He has predicted the outcome of the majority of his fights just as he’s created the outcome of his life, rising to UFC Champion in just 2 years and becoming the highest paid UFC fighter standing like a giant in front of millions of fans. Watching him on Conan, you see his poise and self belief when talking about Floyd Mayweather. He’s as entertaining as any guest Conan has ever had. Picturing a personality like Nate Diaz on the show would just be painful.

You follow his confidence and his addictive charisma as a fighter. What makes a true champ is his attitude in the ring and their ability to inspire beyond it. Diaz is a thug with a vocabulary that inserts ‘Mother Fucker’ into every other word but his boxing experience and Ju Jitsu in the ring were a forced to be taken more seriously. And now it will.

The rear-naked choke and a 2 finger tap left the believers in disbelief. Nobody knows what its like in that ring except for the 2 men in it. Toe to toe anything can happen and all you can be is as mentally and physically prepared as humanly possible. Climbing 2 weight classes in 2 weeks is not preparation, it’s reaction from having 2 opponents dropping out and the 3rd too fat to drop weight in time. Conner would not back down. He rose to the occasion as much as he did in his weight class. Fighting with an extra 23 lbs would not be his excuse for losing but losing energy in the 2nd, I believe, has much to do with fighting with the extra weight, slowing him down enough to get caught with a left cross and spiral to his first UFC loss.

So how does a real champ hold up in the face of a loss?

“Defeat is the secret ingredient to success. True champions can conquer that, overcome it and come back.”

The quote by McGregor on Rhonda Rousey’s loss rings true. Words spoken when McGregor was still undefeated.

In his own defeat he faced it like a man. “Humbled in Victor or Defeat.” No excuses, just states facts of why he loss.

“I think he handled his loss better than anyody. Ever. Ever”

Joe Rogan on Connor McGregor Losing to Nate Diaz.

His post on Instagram sums up the words of a true Champ in the face of defeat.

Diaz has a very different form of confidence that rings more like blind arrogance but this was also unshakeable.

“I’m not surprised mother fuckers”. – Nate Diaz post fight words.

Like Ali, the losses hurt but they do not break. Ali’s losses came from Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, Leon Spinks, and Larry Holmes. Except Holmes, he came back in a rematch to beat all of them. When the history books are in, Connor will stand back up, learn from his mistakes and destroy Diaz. That is our prediction and we are sure of it.

Everyone will win or lose. Everyone will go through a defeat in sports, in relationships, in life. That is irrelevant. The most crucial part of any challenge is how you handle the outcome of that challenge. You learn. You grow. You move on and get better because that is what MEN do. This isn’t limited to world champions. Every single person, man or woman has the choice after a win or a loss to handle it like a champ.

You move on. You suffer the loss and let it be your fuel for your come back. NEVER GIVE UP. Just give in to the impermanence of all things and know that there is no difference between the win or the loss. They are one and the same. Its our postive/negative attitude and our big picture perception of these situations that either builds or defeats us. This is life. This is confidence.

“That which does not kill you will only make you stronger.” -Frederich Nietzsche

I wrote this quote and then discovered this post fight interview. This sums up the nature of this great fighter.


Leonardo DiCaprio, an actor who spent an entire career making movies based on great men that rose, fell and then rose again as something new, something stronger and greater than what they were before.

He was nominated for an Oscar for his first for his role in Gilbert Grape in 1994 when he was only 22. The evil Tommy Lee Jones stole the prize from an unbelievable performance and since then his record in the Academy has been defeat after 5 previous nominations. This year he finally won for The Revenant. A role so overwhelmingly good, there was never a question of if he would win, there was just the question of what he would say in his acceptance speech.

Like all of his many monologues in his many movies, he was passionate, convincing and believed so completely in what he was saying that you believe it as well. When you find your passion and set your values you simply need to support them with absolute conviction and believe that they will lead you to success… and they will.

We do not need to succeed every time. We need to know, with absolute certainty as sure as the rise and fall of the sun, that in defeat and failure there is the seed for success. Building our confidence is the same. It can take time but once formed, it is solid enough to endure anything. We survive and keep growing. Like a tree, we can eventually grow to become unshakable regardless of the world around us and it’s many perceived setbacks.

The goal of Ever Last Naturals is to compliment that confidence, not to replace it. No pill or capsule can give you true confidence. It is something you learn from success and failure and that experience becomes your ever evolving foundation. Man’s greatest challenge often comes from his relationships with others and with himself. Watch the great champs. See how even in defeat, your belief in yourself is all that matters.

So learn from the greats. Study their actions. See that true power is in the mind and allows you to do anything. Your physical body is a compliment to this and our products are a compliment to your body. If you need to perform like a champ. We got your back.

-Ever Last Naturals



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