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Clinical Studies


Ever Last Natural™ (ELN) – Longevity Cream for Men was developed by esteemed members of the International Society for Sexual Medicine, and has been used in sexual health clinics with great success for over 10 years now.

A survey of 189 ELN™ for Men users revealed that on average, they lasted 2.47 times longer when using the product. In some cases, customers have reported lasting up to 9 times longer.

The 2 Key ingredients in ELN™ for Men (Butea Superba & Panax Ginseng) have been widely documented for their benefits in improving sexual performance and helping premature ejaculation sufferers.

Studies on Butea Superba:

The PubMed website, provided courtesy of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institute Of Health, acknowledges various studies, concerning the positive impact of Butea superba on men’s sexual health.

In three separate studies, mentioned on the PubMed website, Butea superba has been shown to effective in increasing sperm count, and in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It has also been shown SAFE for human consumption and topical application.

In the first study, Butea superba was shown to increase the weight of the testes and increase the sperm count in rats.1 Butea superba was given to the rats at a rate that is 100 times greater than what is recommended by Thailand’s FDA for human consumption. Yet, no adverse health effects were seen in the rats that were tested.

For ED patients, improvement was shown in 82.4% of participants.2 The conclusion of this study indicated that Butea superba appears to improve the erectile dysfunction in ED patients without any apparent toxicity.

The third study of Butea superba suggested that ethanol extracts of Butea superba were effective in enhancing penile erection in rats.3 The results of the study suggested that this herb might act through the cAMP/cGMP pathways, which are intracellular secondary messengers that play a key role in mediating cellular responses to various hormones and neurotransmitters

Studies on Panax Ginseng:

According to the Medline Plus section of the U.S. National Library of Medicine website, provided in conjunction with National Institute Of Health, scientific studies have shown that “ginseng is well tolerated by most people, when it is used at recommended doses, and side effects appear to be rare.”4

Within the same page, it was stated that early studies have suggested that applying a herbal combination containing Panax ginseng on the penis may help treat premature ejaculation.


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